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Don’t you hate missing a UPS or Fed Ex delivery cause you stepped out for just a minute? Isn’t it better to be out building your business instead of sitting around waiting for a package to be delivered? Have your packages delivered to us. We can also do your shipping using the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex or courier services..


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We have been helping Businesses Since 1985

We are a privately owned and managed mail box service-our friendly, trained and knowledgeable staff members, are ready to assist you with rate quote information and clerical support.

Receive and Ship Packages

Receive and ship Federal Express, UPS, DHL, Express Mail, assist in packaging, offer clerical services, we have a dedicated phone line to receive and send fax’ for clients and walk in traffic-line charge applies for int’l calls, message taking, phone in to check your mail.

Business Card and Other Printing Services

You cards can be ready in a few day if you need them that quick.  We can also provide high end printing and have them delivered directly to your business or home. Come in or call to discuss .


By appointment for you or your clients. We can prove you with notary services in a fast and cost effective manner. Free parking save you time and time is money. Call for an appointment.


Let A-OK leverage your time by having your packages delivered to us, your extended office so you can be out building business and making your customers happy.

The Right Choice

Let A-OK Business Services be part of your team.  Call or stop by today to find out how we can help you maximize your time and business efforts.

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